Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The truth about the gender pay gap

This false narrative pushed by the President of our country of the supposed "gender pay gap" is simply maddening. It's such an awful misrepresentation that even the liberally-biased media is starting to catch on and call him out on it. The reality is, the President's signature legislation, the not-so-Affordable Care Act, is a complete and total disaster so he's attempting to change the narrative to keep Democrats from being completely annihilated in the mid-term elections.

Here are a few videos and links that point out the obvious for those who don't understand why saying women make $0.77 for each $1.00 men make and making claims of "equal pay" for "equal work" are completely different arguments, or merely a cause of correlation and causation having no relationship whatsoever.



The facts on the supposed "gender pay gap" are laid out here in the Wall Street Journal.

The Washington Post gives President Obama two Pinocchios.

There an enormous gender gap in occupational fatalities, meaning one gender chooses overall to work in more dangerous, hence higher paying lines of work.

If we want to take broad strokes in large groups analyzing pay gaps, younger people are significantly discriminated against!

This argument by the White House has no basis whatsoever in reality and is merely a classic case of playing politics for party gain.

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